The benefits of print

Christmas is upon us and if you still need suggestions and ideas for your Christmas cards, packaging, displays or a Christmas mailing, please contact us and / or visit the DMH.

We have many of high-quality and attractive samples of Christmas cards ready and can implement them in a timely manner for you.

According to a study by the Stuttgart Media University, in cooperation with the Heidelberg Print Academy, print advertising is rated more positively than advertising in the web sector. Here it becomes clear that the print medium is perceived as not disturbing compared to the on-line advertisement and consciously admitted with the consumer.

Credibility: it has been proven that printed advertising messages and information are perceived more credibly than digital advertising.

Haptic and smell: The haptic, the print advertising compared to online advertising increasingly offers the sensory impressions of humans. When touching a mailing additional brain areas are activated, which can positively influence the perception of the viewer. In addition, printed advertising with scented paints can also appeal to the sense of smell.

Design: Due to elaborate design and refinement, the product can be appropriately represented, vividly explained and thus aroused a higher interest in the viewer.

Print can be perfectly linked and connected with online actions. The result is measurable.

More intensive discussion: The increased credibility, haptics and the diverse design options result in a more intensive discussion of the advertising message. The customer is activated more strongly than e.g. Newsletters and attention will be maintained in the longer term.

Regional advertising: Print advertising can be used where it is of interest. This reduces the wastage and increases the attention and interest in regional products