Jewelry and watch displays

Jewelry and watch displays belong to the top class in display construction.This is where materials such as wood, fabric, leather, metal or plastic come together and have to be elaborately processed to the highest quality standards!The requirements for this can be varied. Longevity and stability even under extreme conditions, as can often be found in the shop window. Heat, cold and strong light radiation alternate and demand a high tolerance from the displays.Here we offer you the necessary experience to combine not only high-quality design, but also quality and function.We produce small and large runs in Germany or, if requested, in Asia.WE ASK FOR UNDERSTANDING THAT FOR LEGAL REASONS IN THIS HEADING, ONLY A PART OF OUR WORK MUST SHOW AND MAKE BRANDS UNKNOWN.

Jewelry display with effect lacquer

For this display we have digitally printed, deformed, contour cut and printed plastic film with UV spot varnish.


Watch display made of wood with metal, plastic and fabric elements. Elaborately painted according to customer requirements. Watch clips in white. Product labels in digital printing. Product number: 19_19-0809   Request product

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